What is JuzFood?

JuzFood is an app made for food lovers by food lovers. With JuzFood, you can enjoy hundreds of delectable promotions and deals, at your fingertips.
  • Easy Search

    Our Easy Search function aims to help you make quick and better dining decisions.

    1. Search by Restaurant Name
    If you already know where you want to dine, search by restaurant name to see their deals.
    2. Search by Location
    If you are somewhere in Singapore and undecided on which restaurant to go, search by location to see which merchants in the area are having the best promotions.
    3. Search by Cuisine
    Craving for Japanese food? Search by cuisine to find the best deals from different Japanese restaurants.
    4. Search by Keywords
    Still clueless? Key in a keyword and our Easy Search will provide you suggestions related to your keyword.
  • Simple Signup

    Access a plethora of promotions and deals on food and beverages in just a few easy steps. To set up you JuzFood account, simply key in your name, mobile number, email, birthdate, password, and referral code (if any) then click the sign up button. Alternatively, you can also sign up using your Facebook account.

  • Quick Login

    All that is needed is your email or mobile number, and your password. If you registered with your Facebook account, login using your Facebook account. No hassle.

  • Promotions

    Updated daily, see the list of promotions and deals that awaits you.

  • One-Click Promotion Redemption

    See a promotion you like? Redeem in-store with just a click of a button and earn Reward Points. You can also share the promotion you have redeemed with your family and friends, even if they are not registered users of JuzFood.

  • Special Promotions

    Your favourite merchants may want to provide you an even better deal. Unlock the extra sweet deal with Reward Points.

  • Bookmark

    Bookmark your favourite merchants to have quick access to their promotions and deals, photos, operating hours, outlet locations and contact details.

  • Favourite

    Never miss another deal. Save the promotions you like in Favourite and view them later.

  • Snap.Eat.Share

    This in-app camera feature allows you to snap pictures of your meal. You can edit your pictures with filters, write your thoughts, add hashtags, choose an emoticon to represent your feelings, include locations and share directly to your social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

  • Refer A Friend

    When you sign up for JuzFood, you will receive a unique referral code. Earn Reward Points whenever your friends download and sign up with your unique referral code.

  • Reward Points

    You would be surprise at how easy it is to earn Reward Points. Earn 2 points every time you redeem a promotion or when you share to social media via Snap.Eat.Share, and earn 4 points every time you Refer A Friend.
    As a bonus, we are giving away a bonus 20 Reward Points instantly when you sign up with JuzFood. Best of all, our Reward Points come with no expiry date, so you can save and use your Reward Points for the most Special Promotions.

  • In-App Notifications

    Unlike other Apps, we provide notifications to you within the App so that you will never receive spam messages or notifications from us. Some of the notifications you will receive include reminders of an expiring promotion you have saved in Favourite and updates on new ones.