The Designer and Developer

Who we are

CCS Group Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based company with development teams based in India (Pune, Solapur and Ahmedabad) and the Philippines (Manila). We are a community of talented strategists, designers and developers, who designs and develops custom mobile applications and solutions to meet the different needs of various industries.
We focus on Creating Value. Connecting People. Simplifying Life,
Creating Value – Whether it is our stakeholders, our employees, our business partners, consumers or the environment, we ensure we create and add value. We believe that our value in the market place is determined by the value we bring to the market place, which is why we ensure that all our mobile applications or solutions are value-centered.
Connecting People – Technology’s biggest challenge is connecting people. This is why our commitment is to innovate and explore new applications and solutions that has the potential to change how we live and work, and interact with one another.
Simplifying Life – Technology is an integral part of our lives and at CCS Group, we see technology as an advantage. Whenever we design or develop, we constantly keep in mind how we can make life easier and improve the quality of life.

The Marketer

Connecting to the world

MMC Group Pte Ltd is a team made up of dedicated managers and executives. Enthusiastic and passionate, MMC Group shares the vision of CCS Group and works hard to deliver the best products, solutions and services to clients. Some of the apps marketed by MMC Group includes mobile applications such as Restaurant App, JobsLocator and Cooee Messenger.